Driving lessons for complete beginners

The first driving lesson for learners without any driving experience can be daunting as they don’t know what to expect. The driving instructors at AIM driving school are very patient and friendly which put the pupils at ease. The learner will need to bring their provisional license for the first lesson.

The beginner will be taken to a quieter residential area and the driving instructor will explain the cockpit procedures whilst demonstrating what the pedals and leavers do. The learner will then operate the car by starting the engine and following the moving off procedure.

The car is fitted with dual control so the driving instructor can help the pupil if needed whilst driving. The beginners often come away very happy as they have got to drive the car in their first lesson.
Learning to drive is a fun experience and at Aim driving school we understand each pupil has different learning styles. The instructors will structure the lessons and adapt them to the need of the pupils.

We understand each pupil is different therefore learning to drive is not dependant on the number of lessons or the time taken.

Aim driving school teaches learners the skills they need to become a safe driver for life and having the confidence to drive anywhere.

There are various packages available such as-
• Pay as you go
• Block Booking
• Intensive Courses
• Pass plus

Please contact us for more information.