Terms and Condition

  • All offers apply if tests have not been booked previously or during our offer period, otherwise the standard rate will apply.
  • There cannot be a break between the offer lessons of more than 2 weeks; otherwise the remaining lessons will be forfeited. This offer is purely to assist in continuity of learning, ultimately leading to you passing within the UK average time frame. Abuse of these offers will result in the remaining lessons being revoked without possibility of refund.
  • Offers will be forfeited if a test is booked without prior consultation with your instructor and a prior agreement is reach in this regard. On the occasions that advice of the instructor is ignored. All offers are non refundable unless otherwise specified.
  • 4 lessons offer is for beginner drivers only (people who have not booked a test before) and £39.50 must be paid on the first lesson, the lessons are split into two 1½ hour lessons and the final 1 hour lesson is taken at the time of your test with normal lesson rates charged In between.
  • This 10 lessons offer is strictly for complete beginners only   (those individuals who have never driven previously). 10 lesson offers is split into 6 hour of 2 hour sessions at the beginning and 4 at the time of your test with normal lesson rates charged In between. The offer will not apply to those individuals who book a test without the instructor’s prior