New Car Technologies and Automatic Driving Lessons in Leeds

The future of the automotive industry is full of promising changes. The driving forces behind these developments are improving road safety, being more considerate to the environment, and making the life of all drivers easier.

One of the biggest challenges in the automotive industry has been the development of self-driving cars. Self-parking technology is just one of the many examples of how autonomous cars are now a reality for both experienced and new drivers.

The majority of collisions and crashes happen because drivers are too distracted by their phones. The development of smart car technologies aims to make motorists able to interact with their vehicle’s interface instead of using their phones. Most modern cars now feature autonomous systems, which use radars, cameras and other technologies to assess the road and protect the driver from potential collisions.

Although some consider electric cars as the beginning of a new generation of vehicles, automatic driving has already changed our driving experience.  For this reason, automatic driving lessons in Leeds are growing in popularity among new pupils.

The Basics of Automatic Driving

For ages, new drivers have been learning how to behave behind the wheel with vehicles with a manual transmission. With these cars, you can change the gears by operating the clutch and gear stick.

However, several driving schools and driving instructors in Leeds are now adopting automatic cars. These vehicles have no clutch pedal, meaning that the transmission system senses when it is necessary to change gear and automatically does it. The driver doesn’t need to use the clutch pedal or the gear stick.

Driving an automatic car is often easier for new motorists, as it allows drivers more time to focus on the road ahead. Nevertheless, there are a few things that pupils should know about driving an automatic car.

Different Gear Level Layout

On your first approach to an automatic car, you will immediately notice a different gear level layout.

  • P – Park
  • R – Reverse
  • N – Neutral
  • D – Drive

There is not much you need to do, as the automatic transmission system will automatically change to a higher or lower gear based on the road speed.

How to Park an Automatic Car

Automatic driving cars do not automatically feature an autonomous car-manoeuvring system, meaning that you still need to take care of parking your vehicle. Before you proceed, don’t forget to apply the parking brake (indicated by the letter P on your gear).

Learning How to Drive an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic car can be confusing, but your driving instructor can help you get to know your vehicle. By following the advice of the right professional, it shouldn’t take long to get used to keeping your hand off the gearstick.

On the other hand, you must always remember that an automatic car, as with other technologies, will not compensate for bad driving technique on the part of the driver. For this reason, you should choose the best driving lessons in Leeds to help you learn how to manage your vehicle.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Leeds

When it comes to learning to drive an automatic car, you must ensure you know how to control your vehicle. Automatic cars usually allow pupils to develop their skills quicker and concentrate on other tasks rather than the clutch and gears.

At AIM Drive, we offer automatic driving lessons in Leeds which are tailored to your learning style and needs. This means that you can choose one of our automatic driving lesson packages to improve your ability behind the wheels and get ready for your automatic driving test.

Taking the Automatic Driving Test in Leeds

The driving test for automatic cars is exactly the same as manual vehicles.

Several pupils find taking the automatic driving test easier, as they don’t risk to get confused with the clutch control. Besides, specific manoeuvres that usually require a high level of clutch control in a manual, can be more straightforward for those driving an automatic car.

Your automatic driving instructors in Leeds can help you prepare for your test, and assess your driving abilities. You can also discuss the benefits and problems associated with automatic driving.

To find out more about our professional automatic driving lessons in Leeds, you can request a callback from our team or call us on 0775 376 8868.

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Nancy Furtado Roundhay, Leeds

"Having had a different driving instructor prior to join AIM Driving School! The difference is immediately noticeable. Ashvin teaches with a lot of patience and explains things in detail. I felt a lore more confident in my driving. Clearly this helped me a lot in passing my driving test and would recommend this driving school to others"

Neha Pandey Chapel Allerton, Leeds

"I was recommended by my dad who also learned and passed with Ashvin. Learning with Ashvin meant learning from someone who has had numerous years of teaching experience.

You get to learn how to drive safely and the most efficient. All manoeuvres are taught in such a simple and easy way that anyone can learn and carry out.

The best thing about learning with Ashvin is that he knows what the instructor/examine is going to be looking for so he knows how to prepare his students like he carried out various mock tests to get me to increase confidence in driving by myself and helping me understand exactly how the driving test will be structured. As a result of his well preparation I passed first time."

Burhan Sied Headingley

"Just like to say that Ash is a great instructor. He pushes you to the limit which makes you to focus on what you are doing, so you develop all skills you need to feel confident behind the wheel. He also doesn't waste your money as other instructors do and makes that money you spend worthwhile. Ash made it seem easy and with his positive attitude, it made it a lot easier to achieve my goal of passing my test. Thanks Ash!"


Jonny Adams Pudsey, Leeds

"I contacted Ash because of the introductory offer to new drivers. He arranged my first lesson at a time best suited for myself, and this remained the case for each lesson I had. Lessons were specific to the strengths and weaknesses of my driving at the time, whilst continually reinforcing safe driving.

Ash is well prepared for each lesson, and does not waste your time with personal requests like other instructors can do. He has a vast array of resources to help demonstrate every aspect of the lesson, including google map print outs of junctions and t est routes. ASh is extremely personable and relaxed. He is a very experienced instructors and his ability to approach different aspects of driving in a manner that suits the individual helps get you to a test quickly"

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