How Do You Find a Good Driving Instructor in Leeds?

There are hundreds of thousands of driving instructors in Leeds. However, if you are looking to start your journey through your driving licence, you must find the best professional for your needs. Most importantly, you need to make sure you can get along with your instructor and trust them, as you are going to spend a lot of time behind the wheel together.

How Do I Find a Reliable Driving Instructor in Leeds?

You can find a searchable database of DVSA-approved driving instructors on GOV.UK. All sole traders and professionals working with driving schools listed in this database are ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). This means that each of these instructors has completed the full course set by the DVSA and has received a blue badge, which must be displayed on their car.

Some professionals are listed as PDI or Potential Driving Instructors. This means that they are legally licenced to provide lessons, and are still training before taking the third of three tests to become an ADI. Potential Driving Instructors have a pink badge on their car.

Both Approved and Potential Driving Instructors must always display their badge in the windscreen of the car in which they teach pupils to drive. This is the primary way for consumers to spot a reliable driving instructor in Leeds.

Which Driving Instructor is Right for You?

Evaluate Your Personal Preferences

Since you are going to spend a lot of time with your new driving instructor, you must ensure to choose someone who meets your needs. For instance, you may prefer a female instructor or someone who can accommodate your availability.

If you have specific requirements, you should let your driving school know as soon as possible, so they can match you with someone who can work perfectly with you.

Check Their References

One of the most common ways to find a good driving instructor in Leeds is to ask for recommendations from people whose opinions you value. Otherwise, you can look for more feedback on the Internet.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to find the best driving instructors for your needs is to rely on a professional driving school.

Is Your Instructor Professional?

Driving instructors must always be professional and demonstrate respect while they are with you. This means that your ideal driving instructor in Leeds should always be reliable, patient and, most importantly, never fail to be punctual.

Don’t forget that your instructor’s job is to pay their full attention to you and the roads, as they are ultimately responsible for you while you are behind the wheel.

Address Your Expectations

You and your driving instructors need to work together to ensure you get the best results. However, you must first find someone who is on the same page as you. For example, if you have a specific time frame in which you wish to learn to drive, you should check that your instructor can accommodate your timetable. Similarly, if you are particularly nervous about learning to drive, you need someone good at helping their pupils build their confidence.

What About Your Driving Instructor’s Car?

Finding a nice and patient driving instructor in Leeds can be easy, but don’t forget that you also have to get along with their car.

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to take automatic driving lessons or if you’d rather get a licence that allows you to drive manual cars as well. You might also want to check if your instructor has a dual control car, especially if you wish to practice your driving on the motorway, where dual controls are a legal requirement.

Professional driving instructors usually provide their pupils with small and reliable cars, which are perfect for moving your first steps behind the wheel. In terms of car model and make, there isn’t a huge amount of difference, as long as the vehicle is safe.

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Nancy Furtado Roundhay, Leeds

"Having had a different driving instructor prior to join AIM Driving School! The difference is immediately noticeable. Ashvin teaches with a lot of patience and explains things in detail. I felt a lore more confident in my driving. Clearly this helped me a lot in passing my driving test and would recommend this driving school to others"

Neha Pandey Chapel Allerton, Leeds

"I was recommended by my dad who also learned and passed with Ashvin. Learning with Ashvin meant learning from someone who has had numerous years of teaching experience.

You get to learn how to drive safely and the most efficient. All manoeuvres are taught in such a simple and easy way that anyone can learn and carry out.

The best thing about learning with Ashvin is that he knows what the instructor/examine is going to be looking for so he knows how to prepare his students like he carried out various mock tests to get me to increase confidence in driving by myself and helping me understand exactly how the driving test will be structured. As a result of his well preparation I passed first time."

Burhan Sied Headingley

"Just like to say that Ash is a great instructor. He pushes you to the limit which makes you to focus on what you are doing, so you develop all skills you need to feel confident behind the wheel. He also doesn't waste your money as other instructors do and makes that money you spend worthwhile. Ash made it seem easy and with his positive attitude, it made it a lot easier to achieve my goal of passing my test. Thanks Ash!"


Jonny Adams Pudsey, Leeds

"I contacted Ash because of the introductory offer to new drivers. He arranged my first lesson at a time best suited for myself, and this remained the case for each lesson I had. Lessons were specific to the strengths and weaknesses of my driving at the time, whilst continually reinforcing safe driving.

Ash is well prepared for each lesson, and does not waste your time with personal requests like other instructors can do. He has a vast array of resources to help demonstrate every aspect of the lesson, including google map print outs of junctions and t est routes. ASh is extremely personable and relaxed. He is a very experienced instructors and his ability to approach different aspects of driving in a manner that suits the individual helps get you to a test quickly"

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